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Do you wish you could be more accurate and detailed when communicating with your animal friends?

Do you question the authenticity of the messages that you think you receive? 

Are you having doubts about where the information originates – from your animal friend or from inside your own head? 

Would you like information to flow more freely and effortlessly? 


         Do you want to move past these insecurities and

             start communicating with more confidence?


The Path to Animal Communication Success

Has Two Parts:


             1.  Lots of Practice
             2. Receiving Validation                                 

If you’re like most people, when you’re engaged in a class or course you’re inspired, energized and feel supported by the teacher and the group.  But what happens when the class is over?  You start slipping away from the joy of your new skill because:

o        your busy schedule gets in the way

o        your family and job make constant demands

o        you slip back into the rat-race and your old routine

o        you’re not receiving validations for your communications, so you can’t judge your accuracy - then you get discouraged

o        friends and family may not be supportive

                o        the energy of the class is no longer there to support you

o        without scheduled classes, it’s hard to put the time aside to  practice

o        you aren’t motivated on your own and may do better as part of a   group

AND the list goes on and on... I totally understand the reasons because I experienced most of them myself when I was starting out!

No Matter How Long Ago You Took Your Last AC Class, You Can Still Continue to Improve Your Skills Easily and Effectively.

redhorse.JPGIt’s never been easier – because now you can join like-minded seekers in the Amazing Animal Communication Practice Group and enjoy these benefits...

        -     lots of ongoing practice opportunities, up to two each month

                    -     receive validation for information in every practice session

           -     practise with different species not normally accessible to you

        -     build and increase your animal communication skills on
  every level

        -     stay connected and involved in between your AC courses

           -     continue with the Practice Group even while taking AC classes
  if  you  want to  fast-track your knowledge and abilities

        -     the Practice Group is available to you if you’ve EVER taken
  even one course with ANY teacher

        -     work in a relaxed, safe, convenient environment – your home!

        -    be uplifted by the continued energetic support of being
  immersed in AC   in a group setting

           -     receive continued input and direction from  

        -     set your own schedule and participate as often
                        as you wish
         -     get readings of your own animal friends by other 

        -    replays and downloads are available for 7 days after the call

        -    easy pay-as you go options, or prepay for even more savings

             THE  AMAZING  ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PRACTICE GROUP  lets  you practice with different animal teachers up to twice each month.  Some of  the animals may be your own furry (or feathered or scaled) family  members, so  you’ll  receive  valuable  information  about  them  -  AND  you’ll  have the opportunity to validate information for others and have them validate for you,  too.


Sue will provide an animal for you to communicate with.  This petmouse.JPGmay be a pocket pet, exotic species or unusual animal.  It may be one of my client’s animals where they have agreed to participate and validate for you, and it may be from anywhere on the continent.


- For each practice, you’ll receive a photo, questions and a brief recorded description of the animal in his person’s voice.  You’ll have an entire week to do your communication and3dogs.JPG you’ll email Sue your responses from the animal. Then you’ll receive recorded answers for the questions asked and Sue will consolidate all responses and forward to the animal’s person.  They will have the opportunity to address any specific items further if they wish and any feedback will be returned to you.  

Sue will also provide feedback, clarification or tips if appropriate AND you’ll receive all the other participants’ responses too (names withheld, yes!), to enjoy and learn from.

elephant.jpgEvery month, participants for that month will have the opportunity to join a live group call wth Sue to further refine your work.  You can ask specific questions about your practice sessions, find help for your communication challenges, even share awesome experiences you had while checking in with the animals. 


This is a time to fine-tune, get together and enjoy the group experience!

-The length of each call will be determined by the number of participants, up to one hour.  If you miss the live call, the replay/download will be available for 7 days  to make it easy for you to access it.

Payment Plans
are  flexible to suit your schedule and your budget.  Choose One-Time Only, Once-A-Month and Twice-A-Month Plans or the Prepaid 3-Month Plan.

Plan Options

One-Time Only   -   $40

1 Practice per Month Plan   -   $35 monthly

2 Practices per Month Plan   -   $70.00   $60.00 monthly

Prepaid 3 Month Plan (6 practices)   -   $180   $150 

     (save a further $30 -   almost  20% )

You can join or unsubscribe at any time.  Ongoing Plan payments will be due

on the 1st of each month, or just arrange for automatic payments.  Easy!


Start receiving  clear,  honest  validation for your animal

communication sessions as well as monthly coaching from Sue. 

 Enroll  here: 


Amazing AC Practice Group Plans




             I’m so looking forward to seeing you in the AACP Group!


              Furry Hugs,







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