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Animal Communication

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with Sue Becker

Do You Wonder if You Can Do

Animal Communication?

?What Does It Feel Like to Do Animal Communication??

?Can I Really Do It, orIs Ita ?Special Gift???

?How Can I Get My Animals to Understand Me Better??

?How Can I Help My Animals Feel More Secure??

?I Want to Understand More What My Animals Want and Need.?

Here's my invitation to you - find out the answers to these questions.

I?m Sue Becker and as an expert international professional commSue_and_Hoss.jpgunicator, I hear these questions all the time. I?ve talked with close to 10,000 animals of many species both domestic and wild, in dozens of countries world-wide, and I?ve started out hundreds of students learning animal communication in over more than11 years of teaching - people like you who love their animal friends SO much andare fascinated by the possibility of communicating at a telepathic level - and wanted to try first steps toward doing exactly that.

If you?ve ever wondered what a conversation with your dog, cat, horse or other animal would be like, you?ll love this Home Audio Course. It looks at our animal friends on many levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually - and shows you how:

to see your animal friend in a new way

to discover his or her purpose for being with you

to use Calming Signals to help your animal feel safe

to understand telepathy - the language of the Universe

you can feel and become aware of your animal?s energy

you can learn to use energy to send a very clear message to your animal friends that they can understand

you can experience what a communication feels like

girltalkingto_dog.jpgThis Home Study Course includes practice exercises that you can do at your leisure to learn to feel energy, interact with your animals, send clear messages and more.

You will receive Four Audios, eachbetween 60 and75 minutes in length.

You?ll also:

Discover the power of words and names

Receive Information Sheets to support and clarify your learning

Learn how animals and humans are different - and similar

Discover the 3 Secrets to sending clear messages that your animals can understand

Discover ways to relax and quietly focus your mind

Learn the steps to starting a communication

Explore ways in which we receive telepathic information

and SO MUCH more...

?Thanks for the wonderful (course)...The realization that I came to this morning was worth every minute of your knowledge that you shared with us. I had mentioned how it seemed within 5-10 minutes of our coming home from work the ?kids? [cats] were going at it. It was bothering me what was causing this. Here?s the ?power of words? at work! I always say to my husband just as we?re on our way home, ?I wonder what the kids are doing?? His reply, half joking with eyes rolling...?they?re probably fighting.? Sue, the feeling in my heart and stomach combined with the look on his face when we realized what we?ve been doing to them is almost unbearable. We sure do have a lot more learning to do, and we will... Thanks again.?

- I.E., Ontario, Canada

?BTW, since I began the calming exercises with my 3 dogs, there is a difference. They stick to me like glue but not in a clingy sense, but in a pack sense. And the much less of it. :-DDDD

- C.B., Ontario, Canada

You?ll receive all FOUR audios together so you can listen at your leisure and fit them into your schedule.

No time right now? No problem. - The Audios areeasy toMP3 download so you can listen to them and practice the exercises as often as, and whenever, you wish.

They will be yours to keep.

?I listened to...(the) session over the weekend, excellent information... I wanted to let you know the results from the...homework (with my cat Timothy)...

"A veil seemed to disappear that separated our two worlds. The surge of energy, love, heart to heart connection that went through our bodies was just unbelievable. I will never forget that feeling. Our relationship has changed drastically since.?

- P.F. Nova Scotia, Canada

?I ... thank you from my heart - I benefited from all of the exercises... I received a message that provided me with the clarity that I had been praying to God to receive. Out of the mouths of babes and cats -so the saying goes!

- I. D., Ontario, Canada

You can choose your level of participation from

these 2 packages -



Preparation for Animal Communication Course,

4 audios, 60 -75 minutes each





Preparation for Animal Communication Course, 4 audios, 60 ? 75 minutes each

BONUS AUDIO: Start to Communicate withYour Animal Friends

EXTRA BONUS: Do you do better with one-on-one coaching? Take advantage of this

Hour Mentoring Call with Sue to go over your practice exercise results and to answer your questions, on completion of your course








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Prep. for A C Home Audio Course

You will love the

Preparation for Animal Communication

Home Audio Course

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Prep. for A C Home Audio Course

Seeyou soon in the world of animal communication!

Warmest wishes,



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