Bach Flower Remedies for Pets and People  


              Starts Wednesday, January 14th  -  1 hour weekly for 8 weeks  

                                                    7 - 8 p.m. Eastern
                                            (4 Pacific, 5 Mountain, 6 Central, 8 Atlantic)

rose.jpgIs your life stressful?  Most are these days!  You can empower yourself to reduce or eliminate the stress you feel in your life, and your pet’s stress, too!  Feelings like worry, guilt, fear, being overwhelmed, anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem have a huge negative impact on our lives. Take charge of your emotions, NOW.

Bach Remedies are endorsed and praised by celebrities including Dr Oz, who uses them for himself and his family, Kate Blanchett and Jennifer Aniston, too.  Martha Stewart uses them with her pets, and her vet, the renowned Dr Marty Goldstein, recommends them often.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a simple system of naturally safe, vibrational (energy) flower-based drops that replace problem feelings with their positive counterparts.Fear is replaced with courage and intolerance with acceptance, for example.

                                Resolve Unwanted Pet Behaviour 

Dog_in_Flowers-freedigitalphotosnet.jpgWhen our pets feel fear, catmeadow.JPGinsecurity, overexcitement, anxiety and other strong negative emotions, they start to demonstrate behavior that is unwanted and can be troublesome.  Strong negative emotion also has a devastating effect on their immune systems.  Bringing your cat, dog or horse (or other animal) back into balance emotionally is often all that’s needed to stop the behavior.  This is easy to accomplish with Bach Flowers.  Everyone wants their animal friends to be happy and joyful! 

                                Teleclasses by Phone or Internet

Join Sue for one hour each week for 8 weeks on the phone or internet to learn how to use the Remedies.  Classes are engaging and informative!
At the end of the course you’ll feel confident selecting and using the Remedies for yourself, your family and your pets.  The course has been expanded and reorganized and is better than ever. Learning is fun with lots of examples, practice exercises and of course, experiencing the Remedies first-hand! 

A small handbook describing each Remedy will be mailed to you. 

his 8-week course is equivalent to a 2 day workshop. 


 There will be some practice exercises to do at home between calls.



                            PRAISE FOR BACH FLOWER REMEDIES

Impatiens_Round.jpgDante has been noticeably calmer since we spoke.  I'd like to order another bottle of the  
Dante Remedy.                                                                                  -B.B. Ontario

Star_of_Bethlehem.jpgCody has made remarkable progress with his flowers.  We went through the Thanksgiving  holiday and he was a more secure and friendly fellow to the rest of my family.  I received positive comments like "he's more sociable and less clingy" "he came to me to be petted all by himself".  I think I should somehow create a standing order for his "flowers", but in the meantime I'll need to order another batch the old fashioned way
                                                                                                                      -B.H. Ontario          

Cerato.JPGGood news!!  M-- came home from the hospital today.  He is back to be the little dog that we used to know, but has to be on very bland food and be watched very carefully.  Yesterday he was very lethargic and depressed and wouldn't eat and was actually scheduled for another ultra sound today.  I personally think that his recovery and his coming back to being the little dog that we knew and loved was due to the Bach remedy that Sue Becker gave us (and took her time out over Christmas to do this for us, thanks Sue).  M--'s attending vet at the clinic didn't really want to give him the remedy, as she knew nothing about it but gave it to him faithfully under our orders.  M-- starting eating last night, became full of p*** and vinegar to the point where he was howling and they couldn't keep him in the cage!    
- L.B.  Ontario

Mimulus_Round.jpgI am *very* much enjoying your class. So glad I signed up! 
Sue, you are a very caring, sensitive, thoughtful, clever, gentle, assertive soul. I really learned a lot in this class: more about the remedies - nuances for people and animals / reinforced some things about the remedies / a better appreciation how to approach animals using the remedies / guidelines & questions to use in determining the remedies...            - C.N.S.  Ontario

Impatiens_Round.jpgHello Sue, I can see changes in (my son), he will go into his room and do the homework by himself, a big change... he is less afraid to go into the basement and he is more aware of his lack of concentration and he tries harder to control it. He takes the drops at school now... I would like to continue giving him the drops... 
                                                                                                                  - Anonymous  Ontario

Star_of_Bethlehem.jpgHi Sue, just wanted to send a note to follow up. Millie is doing really great, I think the flower remedies are super for her. We are getting along quite nicely, we still have our moments , but I think she feels I am also coming along nicely !!   Thank you so much for all of your help and support.                                                                                                                                                                                - J.L.  Ontario

Cerato.JPGMy neighbour’s dog was terrified of storms. I consulted Sue and she suggested we try rescue remedy. When a storm is impending we squirt some remedy in the dog’s mouth and she is a lot calmer - no longer shakes. Sometimes she has to repeat a few times but my neighbour is so happy with the results.   Thank you so much Sue.      
- M.L.G.  Ontario

Mimulus_Round.jpgMurphy just has a bit of his Bach Flower left... He is much better with how he handles noises.                                                                                     
       - P.M.  Ontario

Impatiens_Round.jpgJust wanted to let you know that the essences arrived and Sherlock is on them again.  Thanks so much, they really make a difference.                                                              - L.S.  Alberta

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 Sue Becker BFRP, BFRAP is a certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner for the Bach Flower Remedies for people and also for animals.  Sue was the very first animal practitioner in Canada trained in the official Bach program and sanctioned by the Dr. Edward Bach Centre, U.K.  She has helped thousands of people and animals return to emotional and mental harmony with the Remedies.  Sue has written articles, taught classes and trained retail health food store staff across southern Ontario in the application and use of the Bach Flower Remedies and she uses them herself and with her animal friends.

 The Bach Flower Remedies work on the emotional level and do not replace professional medical care.  Please see your qualified medical professional or take your pet to a veterinarian for any medical issues.




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