Animal Communication 


           Level 1   Teleclasses 

                               with Sue Becker 



Would You Love to Really
Be Able to Talk with Your Animal Friends?


                                     What Secrets Would They Share
What’s It Like To Be Them?
What Do They Need Most From You? 
Are They Well?  Are They Happy?  Why Do They Act Out?


Beginning Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 and over the next 8 weeks,  let me guide you into the magical world of animal communication...


I’m Sue Becker and as an expert international professional communicator, I’ve talked with more than 10,000 animals of different species domestic and wild, in dozens of countries world-wide.  I’ve taught hundreds of students to communicate with their animals over 12 years of teaching - who didn’t think they could do it - so I know that you can do it, too!  It is NOT difficult to communicate with animals.

In this Live Telecourse I’ll walk you step-by-step
through the process of learning how to talk to and hear the animals, starting with baby steps and moving slowly and surely into the space of energy and connection – and where your animals are, too. 
You’ll do meditations to open and empower you and you’ll have guided girl-dog.JPGsessions to take you deeper, show you how to recognize and identify energy, and bring you more in touch with your inner self and your higher skills and abilities.

A Telecourse is simply a workshop done by phone – all members of the class come together every week and the best part is, you don’t have to travel and can stay in the comfort of your own home.


Calls will be 60 to 75 minutes in length and you’ll receive practice exercises to complete between classes.


You’ll learn:


*      The 8 Most Important Pointers to be open to animals’ messages

*      How to see and feel from the animals’ viewpoints

*     To discover and strengthen your own special channels of receiving

* The 3 Secrets to sending clear messages that your animals can understand

*     Powerful ways to relax and quietly focus your mind

*     How to start using your own intuition more

*     The joys of truly communing with your animal friends!

*     and SO MUCH more...


“Thank you again for such an amazing (workshop).  You are an amazing and encouraging teacher...  I really felt that you took the time to address all my questions and fears and doubts ...”

                                                                                - A.G., Ontario, Canada



“ Thank you for a wonderful (course).  We who have pets are so I can enjoy my little guy JR so much more, knowing he is his own little soul, a loving gift...I feel freedom.  Thank you so much for your help and patience.  Thank you for being in my life.

                                                                                - F.W., Ontario, Canada


“Sue, what a great course and wonderful teacher, patient, understanding and loving.  I sheltie2.JPGlook forward to many more, and thank you for sharing how special Zipper is...I truly feel as though I now have many more friends and teachers on my path and look forward to new friendships and experiences...”

                                                              - I.W., London, Canada



“ I...wanted to let you know the AC classes are so great!  It has been the best class I have taken yet and (it makes my) heart feel so big!  One other thing I  noticed is that as I went over the notes from Abbey’s communication, I really realized how she is so much like me personally, emotionally and physically.  We even seem to share the same uncomfortable spots in our spines and muscles, plus some of the same issues.  I feel (this learning) is making a big impact on my life!...You’ve opened the doors to to a new and better world full of love, sharing, understanding and true bonds, and a new awareness to our lives.”

                                                                                           - T.G., Ontario, Canada


Classes will take place on:

Tuesdays beginning January 27th at 7 p.m. Eastern Time

(4 pm Pacific, 5 Mountain, 4 Central and 8 Atlantic),

for 8 weeks of classes.  


Classes will be recorded
and available for replay and mp3 download so you can listen and practice the exercises and meditations as often as you wish.  Don’t worry if you have to miss one class or several – you can replay them at your convenience.

  “ ...after your Level 1 Animal Communication Course, I now have a better understanding to assist me in becoming more aware and continuing on this path towards ‘oneness’ with not just our animal friends, but beyond the furry creatures!  I really want to keep on with this work and ask that you please keep me posted...

Bottom line, I do not want to miss the next course!”

                                                                                - D.G., Ontario, Canada


“I listened to...last week’s session over the weekend, excellent information... I wanted to let you know the results from the week’s homework (with my cat Timothy)...

A veil seemed to disappear that separated our two worlds. The surge of energy, love, heart to heart connection that went through our bodies was just unbelievable.  I will never forget that feeling.  Our relationship has changed drastically since.”

                                                                                 - P.F.,  Canada

(* Re:  Preparation for Animal Communication Course)



 “I ... thank you from my heart for this very enlightening workshop.  Your non-judgmental presence infused our learning space with such peace and calmness.  I benefited from all of the exercises and felt the last one was the most powerful for me... I received a message that provided me with the clarity that I had been praying to God to receive.  Out of the mouths of babes and cats - so the saying goes!

                                                                                 - I. D., Ontario, Canada


You can choose your level of participation with

these 3  packages -

 NEW, IMPROVED LEVEL                                            

*      Animal Communication Level 1 Course,  

        8 live calls, 60 – 75 minutes each   

*     Meditation download

*     1 Month Membership in The Amazing

        Animal Communication Practice Group and

        Private Practice Group Forum  

1 Full Payment of $347


 3 Easy Payments of $130

      [due at registration, February 10th and March 3rd]

AC 1 - New, Improved Package

Valued at 







Save $80







*      Animal Communication Level1 Course

        8 live calls, 60 – 75 minutes each 

*       Meditation download

*      2 Months Membership in The Amazing

        Animal Communication Practice Group and

        Private Practice Group Forum

*      Jump-Start your AC Abilities! - Special 

       Pre-Course Call60-75 minutes

       on Monday, January 19th 


*      Additional Meditation download


*      Pre-Course Preparation Worksheets

1 Full Payment of $447

                             3 Easy Payments of $163

                [due at registration, February 10th and March 3rd]






AC 1 - Advantage Package



 Valued at









Save $230






*      Animal Communication Level 1 Course,       

        8 live calls, 60 – 75 minutes each 

*      Meditation download   

*      3 Months Membership in The Amazing

        Animal Communication Practice Group and

        Private Practice Group Forum

*      Jump-Start your AC Abilities! Special

        Pre-Course Call,  60-75 minutes, on Jan. 19th


*      Additional Meditation download

*      Pre-Course Preparation Worksheets

*      Group Mentoring and Q&A Call, March 17th 

PLUS  Preparation for Animal Communication”

Home Study Course, 4+ hours of valuable downloaded audio material so you can start learning now and continue to develop your skills and understanding even more throughout the course. 

1 Full Payment of $657

     3 Easy Payments of $233

              [due at registration, February 10th and March 3rd]



AC 1 - Excellence Package


Valued at 


























  Live Call Included in your Advantage and Excellence Package:


This special call will take place one week before your AC 1 Course begins,

so you'll have a week to work with this valuable information before you even

begin your classes.  In this call we'll look at

+ shifting your mindset to open to telepathic communication

+ seeing yourself as an energy being

+ dealing with doubts or fears you have AND you'll do a special meditation to  help you through those

+ reviewing your completed worksheeets so you can zero in on your feelings about animals and telepathic communciation

+ 6 Empowering Practices to ignite your awareness and connection

You'll want to join this call so you can jump into your animal communication journey early - and with power and purpose.




  guarantee.jpg    Your Money-Back, No-Risk Guarantee: 

 If you’re not satisfied with the material or content of Animal Communication Level 1, just let me know before the beginning of Class #2 and I’ll refund your  total payment, guaranteed.


I hope to see you soon in the world of Animal Communication! 

         Warm regards,